Concrete Services Sunshine Coast
Masonry Decor concrete services include the onsite construction of: 
  • Polished Concrete Bench Tops       
  • Barbeque & Outdoor Kitchen areas  
  • Monuments
  • Park Features 
  • Reception Counters
  • Concrete Baths
  • Swimming Pool Surrounds & Features.

Masonry Decor specialise in decorative concrete finishes with the option to choose from coloured finishes, exposed aggregate, honed or polished surfaces.

Outdoor Kitchen
Polished concrete barbeque bench poured insitu

  Other Services:
  Concrete grinding and polishing.
  Feature work, benchtops and small floor areas only. Grinding & polishing of         concrete stairs both indoors & outdoors.

  Concrete renovations and repairs - Crack repairs, rain damaged concrete, repair heavily exposed   aggregate or worn concrete to a smooth or honed finish.
 Garage door rebates forgotten at the time of pour or incorrect size can be repaired to blend with the original slab.
  Concrete sealing-  Stain protection & water repellant,, Surface enhancement, Coloured finishes available,          Non-slip.

  Concrete Resurfacing- Repair old , worn concrete to give a new hard wearing finish.
   Available in different colours. Suitable for driveways and paths at home or commercial areas.

Polished Concrete Stairs
Reception Counter
White concrete, poured insitu
Honed and sealed concrete stairs in white concrete. Holcim concrete mix
Insitu polished concrete benchtops. Concrete grinding and polishing Sunshine Coast. Concrete repairs & resurfacingConcrete Services Sunshine Coast